Ad Technologies

web application

Demand-Side and Supply-Side
AdTech Platforms

Full stack for digital advertising: solutions
for DSP and SSP, Ad Network,
Ad Exchange and Ad Server

high loaded distributed systems

High loaded distributed
Advertising Systems

Unique architecture supports
processing data of billions consumers
via multi-clusters management

intelligent data

Big Data to reach
your audience

Data-driven audience understanding,
segmentation, and development.
Demographic and behavioral targeting solutions


From Programmatic Direct
to RTB solutions

Any type of AdTech strategies:
direct advertising, PMP, openRTB, header bidding, etc

nosql db solutions

Effective Ad Technology Stack

Up to date technologies for your product start and
maintenance: AWS products, Druid,
Kafka, Spark, Aerospike, Snowflake, etc

About our company


Years of AdTech software

experts in java, ruby, scala

Experts in Java, Kotlin,
Ruby, Scala, etc


Team members

SCJP certified

SCJP certified

distant international team management

Distant international team
Agile management

Our Clients

  • RhythmOne
  • NUI Media
  • Decibel Network
  • AdJuggler
  • Games Banner Network
  • Mac Observer
  • Zenovia Exchange


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